Your Tribe

There’s a cool quote that goes: “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” I love that saying so much. And never has that rang more true for me than in the last year. At 32, I have learned and grown more in the last year than in the rest of my adulthood put together. Unfortunately, growth often stems from disappointment or hurt, so yes, there was some of that in there BUT, as I am sitting here now, typing away, I can truly say that I am HAPPY.

My vibe has changed, largely because of cutting toxic relationships out of my life, and rather focussing on the good ones. The real ones. The easy ones. The honest ones. Something else I did differently, was actively focusing on who my role models in life are. My idols. My mentors.

I did a meditation exercise a while back that goes something like this: With your eyes closed, in a comfortable position, imagine you are walking through a long corridor with a single door at the end. Focus on the door as you breathe deeply while getting closer. The corridor represents your life. The journeys you have taken, the paths you have been on, the experiences that shaped you. When you open the door, there is someone (or more than one) sitting by a fireplace. As he/she turns around to face you, you see that it is the person (or people) you most look up to and admire.

I did this exercise and 4 people turned around to face me. I have categorized them into 3 groups.


My Peers: K and C. They are both strong, fit, amazing woman! Business owners, mothers and wives, but most of all, friends. They never hurt, never lie, never gossip. They are kind, real, flawed and loving. They make me want to be better, be smarter, run faster, lift higher. Who are your hero-friends, and why?

My Guru: L has taught me SO much about myself and about life. Our talks about spirituality, organized religion, kombucha, natural medicines and positivity have ALWAYS left my soul fed. I think of her often when I reflect on how I’ve grown and changed personally in the last few years. Thing is, when I just met L, we were polar opposites and her hippie views made me roll my eyes. But here we are, 9 years after we first met, and her hippie views give me inner peace! Be the hippie you want to see in the world! 😉 Do you have a wise teacher who you can turn to for advice on life?

My Idol: The celebrity/athlete/YouTube personality whose opinion, athletic capability, makeup tutorials, style or bootie you value and respect. Mine is N. When I grow up, I want to be like N. I randomly stumbled on her profile on Instagram, started following her and haven’t regretted it for a second. She is an amazingly strong athlete with beautiful hair and a ROCKING body she works damn hard at building. Her nutritional tips, workouts and hair – oh the hair – are awesome, but most of all, she introduced me to Deepak Chopra’s books. I have grown through reading them and aspired to reach a higher level of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Those are my champions for whom I feel only love, admiration and respect. And when I think of them, I have peace and happiness in my heart. Cut out the people who drag you down and make you question yourself and replace them with a tribe you can be proud of! <3