YES! Spring!

I have a cold. Presumably because both my kids had colds and inevitably coughed straight into my mouth. So then I got the cold. Today is day 3, and it might be the Thieves oil in my diffuser, the Advil or the incredible amount of raw garlic I ate yesterday, but I am feeling freaking tip-top! My sinuses are sore still and I occasionally sound like a police dog when I cough, but in general, I feel pretty great today, because today feels like SPRING!

The sun is shining, the snow is melting and I worked in my greenhouse today, cleaning up the remainder of the plants from last year. I even got my first gardening-related injury of the year! (I also slipped on some ice while carrying a huge flower pot filled with potting soil and landed on my left hip, but my winter padding protected me!)

Today is Tuesday, and Tuesdays are for strength training. While I absolutely encourage some quality gym time for strength training, the Occupational Therapist in me also enjoys the more functional activities of daily living. Gardening, especially the digging, tilling and carrying heavy things, is such a great workout! I’m very excited for those activities to be in full swing again in a couple months! Gardening feeds the body and soul. I have already planned out my greenhouse and started sprouting some seeds indoors. Viva fresh garden veggies, Viva!

Other than prime gardening time, spring also brings with it cleaner roads for easier runs. I’m pretty excited about running in my first official race of 2018 on Saturday. It’s just a 5K, but I’m pumped about getting out and seeing over 100 runners BEAMING with excitement for the 2018 running reason!