Winter Running Gear on a Budget

Even dollar store purchases, if all bought on the same day, doesn’t fit into a budget. I slowly accumulated my stash (and also have a closet in the basement dedicated to active wear and running things).

I have bought cheap and regretted it, so I’ll spare you the trouble and only post the gear I love and use, right from my orders list on Amazon. It’s also worth a mention that I have an Amazon Prime account which REALLY paid for itself when I ordered (literally) tons of weights for my home-gym and got it all shipped for free!

Okay, here goes:


I have two different types of grips for winter. Both fit over my runners. My black ones are great for road running when there is a layer of snow or ice, and my red ones are beefy and perfect for winter trails.


Because it’s mostly dark in the winter running hours, I need to be sure I am seen AND I can see! My headlamp is awesome. I can see the potholes and ice patches, and the cars can see me. SUPER bright, stays in place and has a red light on the back of your head so you are more visible. I also run with a regular old high visibility vest that my neighbour gifted me. My most recent piece of safety gear is a LED vest/strap thingy that comes in a few different colours and can be flashing or solid light.


I do have great fleece lined tights that I got from Winners, but personally, when my hands and ears are warm, I can probably run nearly naked and still be okay. (I don’t recommend it though.) So for my hands, I use gloves that allow me to still use my touchscreen smartwatch. My hands stay fairly warm on regular old winter days, but I have had to put a second pair overtop when running in -25. I also wear these cute and cheap buffs as headbands, ear warmers, scarves and cheek covers.