When the Stars Align

Um, spoiler alert: They rarely do! Correction. They never do!

There is actually NEVER a perfect time for things to happen. Because, as everybody over the age of 14 is well aware, there is no true “perfect”. I still choose to live my life finding perfection, it’s just my perception that has shifted.

The perfect day is a regular old day that starts out with messy hair and morning breath and ends with your eyebrows washed off when you exhaustedly flop onto your bed. What makes it perfect, is all the mundane moments in between that you soak up and enjoy, because it’s YOUR mundane moments. It’s about letting go of how things “should” be, and just laughing at how they turn out. It’s YOUR life. It’s YOUR happiness. And as I have learned this, I have learned to translate perfection into my running.

Is there a perfect run? Maybe? Maybe there is a day that the weather is JUST right, your activewear is on point, you had wonderful sleep and just the right amount of nutritionally balanced breakfast. You tie up your amazingly comfortable running shoes, listen to the best ever playlist and go. Running pain-free and as fast as the wind, you are able to go past your previous furthest distance, break your previous fastest time and come home to a clean house, happy children and a husband holding some freshly squeezed orange juice and post-run muffins he made from scratch. All I know is today is NOT that day.

Today is my first run in a WEEK. I feel anxious, 4lb heavier (turns out I replaced running with snacking), my right knee is super sore for some unexplained reason and low and behold, we woke up to fresh snow. But here is why it will be perfect. Because I can run! Not amazingly fast or effortless. My activewear is not on point. I’m wearing last night’s mascara as today’s eyeliner. And coming home, my kids will likely still be running around in their underwear. But it will be perfect because it is my first run in a long time. It is my first run after being sick and I’m celebrating being better. I’m happy that the 4lb I’m carrying with me is a testament to the fun nights I’ve had this week with friends. I am happy that my sore knee will feel better once the endorphins kick in. I’m excited to listen to my awesome audiobook again – something I only ever have time for when I run.

Today’s run will likely be an embarrassingly slow and short Strava entry, but it will be MINE. My perfectly imperfect run. Take it, own it and be happy that you CAN.