What’s that Smell

On her way to Las Vegas to meet up with me, my sister suffered a major essential oil mishap. An almost full bottle of Geranium broke in her carry-on. And so began the best-smelling hotel experience of my life. See, my sister and I shared a room and our bathroom contained the remains of her Geranium, sealed in a Ziplock baggie. So, I did what any normal(ish) person would do, I wished that I too had whichever ailment one treats with this heavenly smelling liquid. Then I did some reading.

It seems that Geranium is used for anything from stress and anxiety to acne. It is anti-bacterial, makes your skin look healthy and radiant, reduces blackheads, tones muscles, improves circulation and many more. (Here’s a good article.)

I have been using it exclusively post-wax. No more coconut oils or whatever that little blue vial is that comes in the wax box. Just this Geranium Essential Oil. It has reduced my ingrowns and other wax-related owies (TMI?) by tons! And seriously, I get told “you smell nice” without fail, EVERY time. I’ve been using it religiously in my hair too! I added a few drops to my conditioner and also massage a few drops into my ends while it’s still wet. I don’t even care if it helps with anything, I just know my pillow smells amazing!