Today was Perfect

Today really was.  I was the perfect mom, my kids were the perfect kids. I made the perfect tzatziki and marinated the perfect piece of fresh salmon.


Obviously, this isn’t true. A 24-hour day is rarely perfect! But there was a moment today when I was cuddling both my girls in the warm afternoon sun on my bed, (following a mid-day bath due to a nosebleed) where I thought to myself, THIS is perfection. So why not call it a perfect day? We do the opposite, don’t we? You bump your toe, spill your coffee or fight with your kids and suddenly those few moments are summed up as a bad day! Why don’t we flip it around?

So while I did let Alice play about 2 hours of Mario today, and Caroline watched Max and Ruby the entire time I was prepping food, (bad, bad mom!), I was awesome too. When I held them and told them how much I loved them. When I made them delicious sugar-free popsicles in the middle of winter because they’ve been asking for it for a week. When I tasted the bathwater tea, just to make them happy, even though there was an 87% chance one of them had peed in it… Yes, I did lose my cool in the truck this morning when they fought over the car seats and Caroline pulled hair, but in that perfect moment on my bed, I didn’t care. I chose to focus on the perfect, and for me, ignoring the imperfect IS perfect. <3

So excuse me as I go upstairs to ignore dust bunnies under furniture and handprints on the window, while I go enjoy my kids. Perfect!

Foot Note: While being the perfect mom and wife today was just fleeting, my tzatziki and the marinated salmon was, however, ACTUAL perfection. I’ll post a recipe later.


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