Starting from Scratch

When the idea was hatched for me to start a blog, “Starting from Scratch” was a title that I kept coming back to. I ended up deciding on Eat. Live. Run. because it was a bit more clear what my blog would be about (and also, was already taken by some DJ competition).

But Starting from Scratch still resonates with me. I feel like that is something I’ve done a few times in my life. Yes, the obvious new beginnings as a child; starting school, making friends, learning new skills, BUT for me, it has been more than that.

As an adult, I emigrated halfway around the globe and managed to start a career, make friends and lock down a husband in a new country. And let me tell you, being the “new kid” in your 20’s in a town where SO many people are still friends with their kindergarten posse, is a tough nut to crack. But hey, here I am. I did it. 😉

For me, the biggest “Starting from Scratch” moment, was starting to run. I literally NEVER ran, until my second daughter was 5 weeks old. Those Couch to 5k training programs even intimidated me. In my mind, I was thinking: “What is lower than the couch? Maybe there is a “Bottom-of-the-foam-pit to 5k program for me?” But alas, I was stuck with just the regular old C25K app on my phone. So I did it. I did the program, did some races, did a LOT of training, and a year later, I ran a half marathon. But for me, THAT wasn’t the hard part. The hard part came after that.

After the half marathon, I took a week off to recover. And then two weeks. And then a month. And then it was snowing. And then by the spring, I had gained back the 30lb (yes, THIRTY) I lost the previous year. And then “just going for a quick 5k” was SO hard, my spirit was broken. I felt defeated, unfit, and worst of all, disappointed in myself. It wasn’t until the fall that I was actually able to overcome my negative self-talk, dust off my runners, put my previous expectations on hold, and GO. (More about this at a later time.)

That brings me to this winter. I problem solved every single barrier that prevented me from running last winter. I bought some awesome gear on Amazon and I went. And I’m telling you if I can, SO CAN YOU!

I’ll share some links to my running purchases in a post specifically for Winter Running Gear on a Budget.