Spring Gear

My first half marathon of the year is just under 6 weeks away. So now more than ever, I need a no-excuses kind of attitude. The weather is still pretty atrocious, the roads and sidewalks vary from decent to life-threatening, and as I learned yesterday, after a week of warmer temperatures and mixed rain and snow, the trails are still pretty unrunnable. But Thursday is the first day of March (and Friday is -13, but I’m not focussing on that right now). Spring HAS to be on the way! And with spring comes so much to look forward to:

  • I have new runners that I’ve been saving for spring roads – running the last life out of my current ones on the sh*tty roads.
  • I found a great deal on compression shorts! 7-inch shorts that don’t ride up, has a high rise and is sweat wicking. Also, it has a POCKET that fits my phone! Exercise clothes take a beating. All that stretching and sweating and washing and drying… I have always found it hard to buy pricy active wear. These are GREAT. And I’m kinda loving running in shorts!
  • Another pocketed item of clothing I found, was a great new running bra. I am very picky about sports bras. It needs to have tons of support but still allow me to breathe.
  • I have also been a fan of Bluetooth headphones lately. Maybe I just have weird shaped ears, but I can’t seem to find an in-ear earphone that stays put without a headband over my ears, keeping it in. And another thing I like about over-ear headphones is that you can wear it around your neck and still hear it. (Some highway runs don’t allow headphones due to safety issues.)

I like not spending a TON of cash on running gear, because like I said, even great brand name items take a beating on your body and in the washing machine. And as for add-ons, you never know when a belt, hat or headband just starts hurting or annoying (and distracting) you too much to continue wearing it in on a long run and you need to toss it. I also once lost an MP3 player in a tragic post-race Porta Potty incident, so I was really happy it was $30 and not $200!

Happy shopping, saving and running friends!