While I absolutely FULLY intend on going out and enjoying this amazing snowfall, zero wind and mild temperatures today, Tuesday is my day off, which means my day that I do food prep, housework and laundry – always laundry – in the morning. Having a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old “helping” isn’t always the most efficient way of cleaning house though, and I like having alternatives to Paw Patrol and Dora for when I need to entertain them so I can finish my chores.

SNOW! It’s free, it’s not messy or sticky, and because it’s not every day that we have fresh, amazing snow, it’s a novelty. It’s cold, wet and fluffy which makes it a great sensory experience for little kids. And it also kept my kids busy for exactly how long it took me to make a marinade and prepare veggies for tonight’s roast while drinking my coffee!

What you need:

  • A Towel you don’t care about TOO much
  • A mixing bowl or two
  • Spoons
  • Fresh snow
  • MiO drops or any water flavour enhancer
  • A warm cup of coffee

Step 1: Fill the bowl with snow.

Step 2: Place bowl in the middle of towel on the floor.

Step 3: Add spoons, kids and MiO (sparingly, since aspartame isn’t the most nutritious breakfast choice).

Step 4: Sit down and enjoy your coffee, make food, enjoy a solo bathroom trip or scrub a toilet – whatever your heart desires!


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