April! That’s when I wrote my last entry. So much has happened since then – good, bad and ugly – but between all the eating (so. much. eating.), living and running, I haven’t been finding time for writing. And boy, have I missed it! (Fun fact: in high school, I was the school paper nerd and my dream job was freelance journalism.)

This year has been an interesting ride. One of self-discovery and hard lessons, but also one filled with new, amazing friendships, travelling and, as always, laundry. I set out to complete 6 half marathons in 2018, and since I have no plans for running 21.1km in the next 22 hours, it is safe to say that I fell short by ONE. But I’m okay with that. I ran in Vancouver, Victoria and Vegas this year, as well as some races (and virtual races) at home. All in all, I’m proud of my accomplishments and have no ragrets – not even one letter. 😉

This post is both the last one of the year, but also the first one of my return to blogging. It should include my goals and hopes and dreams for 2019, but I don’t really have a set list of those. It’s more like a living document – a growing list. Resolutions get a bad reputation since 84% of resolutions end up being abandoned by February, but I still like the idea of sitting down and reflecting on what was in order to grow. And if that “reflection and goal setting” happens on December 31st, then so be it. A friend of mine recently hosted a Solstice Party where they did just that! They wrote down what was holding you back and weighing you down, in order to make room in your heart and life for better things to come.

I do have a few wishes for the next year. I hope to get back into a better routine of making time for myself – running, lifting weights and blogging being the three main self-care activities I want to focus on. I hope to relearn waking up early since an earlier start in the day really does help me accomplish MUCH more. I hope to make many more memories with our amazing group of friends. I hope to be a good, strong role model for my girls. I hope to continue reading amazing, inspired books. I hope 2019 is amazing!

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  1. I am a firm believe in the power of putting things out there and having them coming back to you. So tonight I wrote out a list of things I want to focus on for 2019. Not resolutions, but what I want my life to look like. How I’m going to incorporate balance into my life.
    Two of the biggest things are to go on many more adventures and have 2019 filled w si much love.
    Looking forward to this next year w you!

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