Pinterest Mom

On Valentine’s Day, or so I have learned, children give each other cards and treats. There comes an age where they can figure out their own social life, but at my kids’ ages, Valentine’s day means that I get to make a cute little craft for 24 other preschoolers. And while I do aspire to that Pinterest level of momhood, and I think it’s good to have goals, I really don’t have the time, skill or energy to do something that extravagant.

In an attempt to limit the amount of sugar my kids (and their classmates) consume, I thought about ordering something cute and not edible on Amazon, but since this brilliant thought only dawned on me yesterday and Valentine’s day is tomorrow, I was off to Walmart to go find something I can pass off as homemade. Cookies for the win!

It’s not particularly healthy, vegan, GMO-free, keto or eggless, but hey, who cares. Throw a cookie in a baggie, staple a personalised Valentine’s card to it and there you go. The cards did take me a little while to make, but I did it on my computer, so at least no glitter or glue to clean up. Just print and go! And how did I get my children to leave me alone for long enough so I can complete this, you might ask… Well, I painted their toe- and fingernails and convinced them to sit down frozen and wait for it to dry. You’re welcome.