Pain in the Calve

My calves have been giving me trouble this year. I’m still not sure why, but I have found a few things that help!

You can’t go wrong with the age-old tried and tested R.I.C.E.


If you are like me, the “R” part, is quite hard. But seriously, muscles are torn during exercise and built during rest (with adequate nutrition). Taking ample rest days, especially when you are in pain, is actually beneficial.


After an actual injury or strain, ice is important in the first 48 hours, and after that, you can switch to heat packs or hot tubs. Ice is great for treating inflammation and also speeds up recovery after intense performance.


I run with compression socks! Mine are from Crazy Compression, but after shipping from the US, it worked out a little steep. The Amazon ones are a great deal for 4 pairs!  Sometimes I don’t run with them, but rather put them on after my post-run shower. I’m a believer for sure. They also keep my warm’ish on cold runs.


Put those feet up. UP UP! Like up against the wall with your butt on the floor. Viparita Karani is not just relaxing, but actually a really beneficial stretch to help with swelling, pain and recovery in life and in running. While you’re at it, massage is a good idea too. Try a foam roller and do it yourself at home.