My Current Read

One of the things I’d like to share on this blog are the books that I read. Because, as with good food, a good book is better when shared. And honestly, I think my husband is tired of getting ALL of my verbal book reviews and revelations.  🙂 I’m constantly starting sentences with “Oh man, so this book I’m reading…”

So, on behalf of Adam, thank you for allowing me to rave about cool books!

I may at some point back-track and tell you about other great books I’ve read, but for now, let’s stay in the present. My friend Elaina recommended it to me, and since Elaina is a pretty cool person, I’m now busy reading Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson. And you should too!

She talks about being body-smart, listening to your emotions, doing regular check-ins, getting perspective, enjoying food, having fun while getting exercise and not taking life too seriously. I just love it. I love how positive the book is, how she isn’t suggesting a diet or workout routine or meditation technique that is a magic answer to all of life’s troubles, but instead, she is suggesting that the answer is within each individual. It’s a gooder!