New inspiration is never far away when you surround yourself with great people.

 – Me. I said that.

I shook myself out of my two-day pity party and with the sunshine, my spirit and smile returned. It was -12 when I got up this morning, and knowing that it was going to warm up considerably, I decided against an early morning run but opted to run after my husband gets home from work. But today, I WANT to run. Why? Because I WANT to be able to run this awesome race a friend of mine is doing at the end of the year. Am I going to run it? Nope. Not unless I win the lottery. So why bother?

See, knowing where I want to be as far as my fitness goes, gives me a measurable goal to work towards. This particular race would literally be a dream come true, and if I have learned anything lately, it is to dream! Dream big! I have been loving the idea of journaling. And it’s not just a running thing (or a teenage “dear diary” thing). Writing your goals down makes them more attainable. It makes it feel more real and makes you work just a tad harder to get there. This particular goal of mine does require a few thousand dollars that I don’t have, but who knows, maybe by some miracle, I DO have the means to travel and participate in this race. Wouldn’t it just be the worst if I wasn’t prepared?

I found a journal on Amazon (and made my husband put it in my Christmas stocking) that I absolutely LOVE. It has regular positive affirmations and mantras and plenty of space for doodling, sketching or jotting down ideas. It’s a guided journal, so you don’t have to think of things to write, it prompts you to think in a certain direction. Journaling also is a good way of “forcing” yourself to focus on YOU for at least a few minutes at the end of the day – something us moms struggle with.