Getting Real

On Saturday, I ran my first race of 2018. Just a 5km, BUT I finished in my own personal best time for a 5km, of 25:09! Pretty proud of that but, here I sit, eighteen days to go before the first half marathon of the year and my training has screeched to a stop. I have bronchitis. And as everybody knows, ain’t nobody got time for that! This is MEGA inconvenient (and mega painful and depressing). Taking this long a break, this shortly before a race is running suicide, but pushing my heart rate up for extended periods of time while sick, could be actual suicide. So I rest.

That means I am left with two choices – neither of which I am particularly excited about making. a) I withdraw from the race or b) I forget about actually running it well, and just go run it.

In my mind, I wanted to improve on my previous (and only) half marathon time, but at this point, my goal has shifted to “just finish it”. So, apart from a week of rest, antibiotics and self-pity, there isn’t much I can do to change my current predicament. So I reluctantly roll with it. I’ll walk bits if I need to, but come April 8th, I will run 21.1km and I don’t care about my finishing time. I’m seeing it as a long run practice for the other half marathons I will run this year.

Happy thoughts and lung-healing remedies are always welcomed! Until next time!