Okay, I concede. This cold is winning. Despite the sunshine, the positive thoughts, the Advil and the no-excuses attitude, I am losing the battle. I have taken all the reasonable natural and pharmaceutical steps to get better, but alas. I need to rest. I pushed through my symptoms and ran 42km in the last 5 days, but as I was struggling through what should have been an easy 5km today, I realized that I should have listened to my doctor-dad, my common sense and Google.

So here it is, I WILL REST UNTIL I FEEL BETTER, (or until Saturday’s race, whichever comes first).

Denial though can be a ridiculous drug. And as with most powerful medications, should be handled with care. Ignoring signs or “powering through” a viral infection (yes, the common cold is a viral infection) can be seriously detrimental to your health. The rule of thumb is that if symptoms are above your neck (sneezing, runny nose, headache etc) you are good to go, but below the neck (sore lungs, diarrhea, body aches, fever, chills etc) you should stay home. Try some gentle yoga, or just a good old-fashioned bath and a good book. Until you feel better.

I still feel pretty uneasy about taking time off running with a half marathon less than 4 weeks away though. But until I have my happy lungs back, it’s yoga, Advil and water for this mother runner.