Curveballs and Snowballs

BOOM! In a matter of two days, we went from “Phew, it’s finally spring!” to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”. Sunday we spent a wonderful, sunny morning at the lake, finding easter eggs and being merry. Yesterday was mildly grey, but not terribly cold – we even got outside and did some weeding in the afternoon. But today, we woke up to snow. And the longer you stay awake, the snowier it got.

Naturally, everybody’s Facebook walls were instantly bombarded with more photos of the snow. But a plan is a plan, and I planned on running a slow 5k after dropping my kids at school, so away I went. Slow, snowy, but SO pretty! (I was NOT pretty after my run, but the accumulated snow in my mom-bun was pretty impressive.)

As I have learned in life, relationships and running – $&@# happens! You trust someone and BAM, they let you down. You responsibly use the hand free texting on your phone while driving and BAM, the policeman sees you pick up the phone to see if it sent. And this morning, you planned on a fun springtime run in preparation for Sunday’s race and BAM, 8cm of snow and a full-on blizzard in your face. BAM! BAM! BAM!

But life (and relationships and running) is all about choices. YOU choose your path. YOU choose your attitude. YOU choose your actions. So for me this morning, I chose to yell “plot twist” and go with it. I came home, iced my legs, had a shower and put on my favourite sweater that I had almost retired for the season.

All dried off, feeling good after running despite the change in weather plans and the Big Guy upstairs pelting me with snowballs.

It’s SO easy to give up. It’s SO easy to find an excuse. I know! I spent October 2016 – September 2017 finding every excuse not to run. And it’s not just true about running. Start small, but reach your goals. Curveballs are just an opportunity to grab your bat and HIT THEM OUT OF THE PARK.