Bringing Sexy Back

Disclaimer: I am actually NOT bringing sexy back. Like NOT AT ALL! But sex sells, and functionality, not so much.

I had a chat with my friend Ashley yesterday. We were laughing about 90’s style and 80’s hair, and she mentioned that in 30 years when our kids dress up as the 2010’s and hop on their hoverboards to head to a party, they won’t really have a specific style to define us by. Thing is, in 2018, everybody is pretty much free to dress how they please without the firm “hot or not” style columns of the years past. Think about it… The 20’s, the 60’s the 80’s – all pretty distinguishable on a photo. But now, we have hipsters who confuse us with their suspenders and briefcases, we have moms doing grocery shopping in active wear and accountants at work who look like a 50’s pin-up. Anything goes! So this made me think…

What style faux pas have I been avoiding because it’s not “in” anymore? I occasionally wear scrunchies in my hair, so it’s not that. But there has to be something AWESOME that society told us not to wear. And then it clicked.

So this year, when I’m in Vancouver enjoying a weekend of running, funning and yoga during the Lululemon SeaWheeze, I will be rocking a fanny pack! Dude, I’m putting the fun in functionality and strapping on one of these bad boys. Laugh all you want, but I won’t have my kids with me, so I have no need for a purse that doubles as a playroom, kitchen, bathroom or bar. I’ll be downward facing dog without any extra baggage.

Go on! Get yourself one. And maybe a bright hat, jelly bracelets and those butterfly hairclips we all wore in the 90’s. Heck, why not get a perm and shoulder pads?! It’s quite freeing to not care what people think. Trust me! 🙂