There’s this girl I know…

She is awesome. She is kind, funny, smart, sweet and beautiful. Oh, and she’s five. I met her in a prenatal yoga class, back when she was still baking in her mama’s belly, and since we live in a small community, we’d see each other around town occasionally. Last September, she started Kindergarten, and now Ava and my daughter, Alice are classmates and great friends.

Here’s the thing about Ava though. I’m sure she has her moments of being tired or grumpy, but for the most part, Ava always makes me smile because Ava is always smiling. She oozes kindness and generosity, loves her friends and loves to chat. When I think of Ava, I think about a happy, well-balanced girl who loves life, is loved fiercely by MANY, and whose number one mission, is having fun. (I’m also sensing that she will grow up to be a champion for women’s rights and equality which makes me love her even more! Yay for strong women!)

Wouldn’t that be a great way to be thought about? To not care about social constructs and expectations, but rather about doing what makes your soul dance?

My challenge to you is to be the Ava you want to see in the world. Be wild, be free, be kind. Dance when your song comes on. Sing, even when you don’t know the lyrics. And host a fancy dress-up party for your friends on a random Friday, just because you feel like it! Five-year-olds have the right idea. I’m not sure when the rest of us forgot it, because we were all five at some point. Go out today and find your inner Kindergartener.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go help my own five-year-old decide which princess dress she is wearing today. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll let her pick out mine too!

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  1. Love this because you’re right … we were all 5 year olds at one time! Thank you for the reminder ❤

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