About Me

Hi! I’m Karin. Thanks for stopping by.

Considering how much I love writing, I find it a tad harder to write about myself. It’s almost like I need to define myself in this little section, or justify why I should have a blog – a voice! Thing is, I’m not particularly unique. Well, no more or less unique than everybody else.

I am a mom and a wife. I have a part time job and manage my own photography business. I enjoy cooking healthy meals with fresh ingredients. I drink wine, kombucha, coffee and the occasional glass of water. I have a strong desire to better myself and be stronger than I was the day before. I run. I shop – online mostly. I garden. I have a bazillion pets. I read. But I guess it’s my love for writing and my passion for honesty that made me start this blog. I don’t sugar coat. I’m thrifty. And I am NOT an expert.

My musings, my advice, my recommendations – they are all MINE. Based on trial and error, research, and bargain hunting. My life and experiences isn’t a cookie cutter that will fit your life perfectly, but I hope that in my genuine pursuit of a recipe for my own success, you will be inspired to find yours.